Dear Pastor,
My pastor, Dr. Johnny Hunt, claims that men are the greatest untapped reservoir of potential energy for the kingdom of God. I could not agree more. It is my privilege each year to serve as one of the breakout speakers for Pastor Johnny’s men’s conference where First Baptist Woodstock hosts the largest gathering of men anywhere in North America, over eleven thousand. While many churches offer wild game dinners, sports outings, and community service
projects for men, there is seldom a forum available which addresses the sensitive, delicate issues most men face. Our Men Who Win Conferences pack four hours of in-depth teaching into a Friday evening and Saturday morning, providing an environment unlike anything that can be duplicated in a Sunday morning corporate worship service. A common concern shared by pastors is the low level of commitment among our young adults, but specifically our men. We must ask ourselves, “How did our faith that was founded by a Man and his twelve disciples become such a turn-off to men?” Men Who Win Conferences are designed to recapture the risk-taking obedience of those early disciples and awaken the sleeping giant of male leadership in the church. As you prayerfully consider this investment into the men of your church and community, I look forward to speaking with you and answering any questions you may have regarding hosting such an event. Incidentally, I am willing to stay over and preach a Harvest Day emphasis on the following Sunday at no charge to your church. Until hearing a further word from you, may

God bless you with His very best.
For His Glory,

Steve has been used mightily here at
First Baptist Woodstock in preaching to
our people and seeing such a marvelous
— Dr. Johnny Hunt, Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church, Woodstock, GA

Steve Hale is the gift of God to the Church that an evangelist should be. He is a gifted communicator and even better student of God’s Word. Behind the scenes I have watched Steve and his
family in the pressures of their everyday lives. They are distinctly Christian and uniquely faithful to the Son of God and His Gospel ministry. I consider Steve to be a leader in the faith, but also in my faith
— Dan Dorner, Senior Associate Pastor of Administration
First Baptist Church, Woodstock, GA

There is not a more gifted and passionate
evangelist in our fellowship that God
is using more than He is using Steve
Hale. He is anointed in a very special
— Rev. Jim Law, Senior Associate Pastor
First Baptist Church, Woodstock, GA

“ Dr. Steve Hale is a great evangelist, preacher, revivalist, and author. He is a great asset to the Men’s Ministry here at First Baptist Church in Woodstock, Georgia where he serves as our Staff Evangelist. Having effectively ministered to thousands of men, Dr. Hale has been a key speaker in leading breakout sessions for the past several years at the Johnny Hunt Men’s Conference. Without reservation, I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Hale to your church and ministry. You will be exposed to the same in-depth teaching and passionate spirit to which we have grown accustomed.”
— Neil Brown, Director of Pastoral Care and Men’s Ministry
First Baptist Church, Woodstock, GA

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Dr. Steve Hale’s ministry office is based at First Baptist Church in Woodstock, Georgia. While pastors and denominational leaders throughout America have endorsed
Dr. Hale’s integrity and ministry as a veteran evangelist, it is the assessment from the staff of FBCW which speaks the loudest. When scheduling a Men Who Win weekend, Steve welcomes the opportunity to stay over and preach on Sunday morning at no charge to your church.

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